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I will never claim to know everything about social media as it’s simply not possible.  Things change daily in this world and I say, if you can create great content, you’re most of the way there.

01. Strategic

No scatter gun approach here!  You have to be methodical and I’ll show you how to go about setting up daily and weekly aims and objectives for your social media

02. Professional

This is your business we will be working together on.  Your business is as important to me as my own business, so a professional approach is key to our relationship

03. Loyal

I’ve been helping many of my customers for years, I have come to know them and their businesses very well and it is important to me that they see me as a loyal partner

I started the business in 2014

Welcome to my website, I am delighted you’ve found me!

After undertaking extensive professional training in Glasgow on creating social media content, it turned out I had a gift for it, and weirdly, I really enjoy it!

I created the True Highlands brand which saw 5,000 new followers in 5 weeks and is currently sitting at over 48,000 just 3 years on.  I was even contacted by Facebook themselves to interview me on the success of the page, you can read the interview here

My aim is to help train business owners to take control of their social media.  After all, who knows your business better than you?  I prefer to train so that you are in control and it is also far more cost effective for you.  Why pay someone a large monthly fee when you can do it yourself with the right training?

Whether you’re looking for someone to train you on social media or want someone to do it for you, I can offer packages to suit.

Catherine Bentley Marketing & True Highlands

Two thriving businesses

Catherine Bentley

The Big Cheese

Living and working in the Highlands has huge benefits.  Freedom to escape outside, great to drive to customers place of work and explore new areas and meet new people, but being my own boss is by far the best prize!

True Highlands

My Other Business

The True Highlands brand has grown from strength to strength.  I think it is down to a combination of excellent social media and people’s love of Scotland.  The Highlands in particular.

How I Can Help Your Business

What I Do Best


Get Social

Get your business onto social media and interacting with your customers in the online world


Create Content

Help you learn the skills to write great social media posts, or write them for you with your input

Ideas Ideas Ideas

I’ve got loads of ideas to help businesses get more social and reach out to potential customers


I can help you understand the metrics and analytics of your social media – meaningful data is power!

Market Share

I can help your business grow alongside, and move above, your competition on social media


Contact is key with my customers.  You’ll never feel stranded or left to your own devices with me!

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